Mr. Scooter’s mission is to inspire children and teens to become lifelong readers and library users.

  • Mr. Scooter is an early literacy ambassador. 
    • Research has shown, the first five years of life are critical to brain development.  The single most important activity parents can do with their child is read together every day.  Fostering a love for literature and stories is the basis for Mr. Scooter’s upcoming web series.  “Early literacy is the foundation of everything we do in this show.  Through storytelling and singing songs, children enhance narrative skills and learn new vocabulary.  By introducing colors, shapes, letters and numbers, we are developing early literacy skills that will help children be more prepared to read when they enter kindergarten.”
  • Mr. Scooter is a reading advocate and library champion.
    • As Melvil Dewey – International Library Hip Hop Superstar, Mr. Scooter advocates reading and libraries to children grades K-8 at schools and libraries across the nation.   “Melvil explains the incredible importance libraries play in our communities, encourages children to be engaged in literature and teaches vital library skills and concepts such as the Dewey Decimal System, plagiarism and credible research methods.”  Mr. Scooter was recognized as a Library Journal Mover and Shaker thanks to this initiative.
  • Mr. Scooter is a programming innovator.
    • When Mr. Scooter isn’t behind the camera or onstage performing, he is busy reinventing library experiences by creating unique programs that are reaching a new generation.  His Fiction to Fashion design contest for teens received national acclaim and was recently published in VOYA.  “Fiction to Fashion is hands down the best teen program I have ever been a part of.  Each year, teens repurpose discarded library books into wearable art and then model their designs in front of hundreds of people.  It’s an incredible experience for the teens.”
    • His other STEAM focused programs are paving the way for technology education in libraries and include 3D design, filmmaking, stop animation and music production.  “Libraries are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our communities.  Teaching cutting edge 21st century technology skills is one of the many ways libraries help teens prepare for the real world.”  Mr. Scooter is the also mastermind behind mega-literacy festivals including Story Extravaganza and Haunted Library as well as customized role-playing lock-in events Hunt for Bigfoot and Escape the Library.

“Libraries have such an undeniable value to our community.  My goal is to help young minds reach their fullest potential by utilizing the amazing resources of their library and by inspiring them to become lifelong readers.”

Mr. Scooter – Library Booster